Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MAF of Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church - "Jesus Loves You" Badminton Competition (Grand Finale)

Rev. Ling Sheng Guek shared a message at the closing.

Standing proud, the runner-up posed for a shot.

The intensity shot up skyhigh as the competition entered the finalist stage!
The moment I entered Centenary Hall of SMK Sacred Heart, I felt waves of the heat of excitement filling up the whole place. Rounds of cheers by the respective cheer-squads almost sent the roof vibrating, making the matches even more nerve-racking.
Taking a step nearer to the court, I was mesmerized by the powerful smashes and strikes. Altogether, they drove the event to its height, keeping, unbelievably, all the eyes glued to the competing teams.
When announced, the final results did not come as a surprise, with Huai Ang Methodist Church and Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church snatching all the titles. The deserving teams did wonderfully well.
Champion: Huai Ang Methodist Church - Red Team
1st Runner-up: Huai Ang Methodist Church - Blue Team
2nd Runner -up : Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church - Blue Team
3rd Runner-up: Sing Ang Tong Methist Church -Red Team
Rev. Ling Sheng Guek in his closing message called on the players to endeavour to the best of their ability in heading towards their goals. "Bear in mind always that Jesus Christ loves you and He will not forsake you," Rev. Ling said.
After giving away all the abundant prizes, the event was drawn to a close at 11:00 pm.
The photo shows the champion of the badminton competition.

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