Friday, July 17, 2009

The 9Th Methodist Convention - The Future Of Sarawak From A Christian Perspective - Part 19

Sarawak has immense untapped potentials for further developments to transform the state. In other words, Sarawakians should be optimistic about the future so long as the state's economic directions and our governance are right and proper.

Take the example of our rich natural resources, Sarawak is potentially an emerging state with a shining future if we tread along in the right directions under sound leadership.

Brother Tan Kee Hian in his proceedings touched on broad economic development directions for Sarawak in the state's look-out for greater growth. In an illustrative manner, Kee Hian outlined 7 directions which the state may embark on to lift up its outlook.

In Brother Kee Hian's wordings, the 7 development directions are as follows:

1. Continue to develop existing industries:
- Like oil and gas (O & G), and tourism.

2. Leverage low-cost hydro-energy to drive further industralisation.
-With due consideration for the environment and people development.

3. Aggressive push to go downstream in key commodities:
- Palm oil, timber

4. Develop and upgrade agriculture and aquaculture sectors:
- Science-based and industrial scale
-Commercially-driven enterprises

5. Develop and strengthen local SMEs in focused sub-sectors:

- Align with industrial development plans
- For example, raw materials, products and services for oil and gas, agriculture/aquaculture, aluminum smelter,
hydro-electric plants, etc.

6. Grow domestic consumption.

7. Step-change in execution.
The photo shows Tan Kee Hian speaking at a public forum last year at Methodist Pilley Institute on the outlook for Sibu. Calling Sibu a "slumbering giant", Kee Hian delivered extremely thought-provoking views about Sibu.

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