Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It Was Much More Than Just A Teh Tarik!

I fixed up with Dr. Dennis Ngien for a meet this morning before he flies back to Canada tomorrow!

Our gang met up at Cafe Palmelia for a chat over aromatic teh taik. This coffee-house is a wonderful venue for such get-together over some decently priced drinks.

Teh tarik is Premier Hotel's flagship hot beverage with popularity building up over the years. If you missed it, make sure you get hold of it on your next visit here.

Dr. Dennis Ngien shared with the gang that in Canada, teh tarik is also served in some Malaysian restaurants at CD$ 5 per glass. This price seems a little bit steep in Malaysian standard. Despite the price, the size is smaller than Premier Hotel's and its taste is less comparable. This is certainly a compliment to Premier Hotel.

This morning we particularly dwelt on sermons in church services. Dr. Dennis Ngien is a renowned theologian. With his wide exposure in theological lecturing, mentoring and preaching, Dr. Dennis Ngien shared with the gang some to-the-point and practical views.

This teh tarik session with the insightful Dr. Dennis Ngien was pretty enlightening and joyous, having a lot to gain.

We look forward to "ganging up" again on his next trip back to Sibu!

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