Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MAF of Sibu East District - District Ping-Pong Competition 2009

This two-night event was smooth-running, moving on better than I asked for. I give glorification to our Almighty God!

Night 1 was pretty quiet with much less excitement. I call it sailing in a slow-moving Rajang River.

Night 2 saw tough fights as the competition entered the finalist stage. Wahs and cheers filled the whole atmosphere, making the matches more nerve-racking. When Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church and Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church wrestled for the championship, the cheering squads from both teams sent the competition to its climax.

Tang Sioh Liik's mighty strikes drove Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church to championship.

Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church received the championship prize from Rev Wong Tuong Toh. First from the right is Rev Ling Hang Kee.

Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church was the runner-up.

.......and Huai Ang Methodist Church the first runner-up.

The second runner-up went to Zion Methodist Church. I am partly hidden in the photo.
District Ping Pong Competition 2009 ended with a thanks-giving prayer by Rev Ling Hang Kee.


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