Monday, July 6, 2009

MAF of Sibu East District - District Ping-Pong Competition 2009

It is a purposeful event with the aims to foster better brotherly and sisterly ties among the adult fellowshippers in Sibu East District and to manifest the love of God.

The competition is a two-evening event falling on July 6-7.

We kicked it off this evening at 6:45 pm in the stadium of Sibu Ping Pong Association with an inspirational address by DS Rev. Wong Koi Fo.

"Be an winner in your character. If you excel, then you would have won the championship of tonight's event," DS Rev. Wong put the message across to the players.

Altogether 9 teams from 11 MAFs participated in the competition. The players lined up in full attention as DS delivered his spiritual message.

The air of the stadium was filled with harmony as the matches progressed through. There was a mix of laughters and cheers, making the evening cheerful and joyfilled.

Zion Methodist Church Team A, Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church, Huai Ang Methodist Church and Sing Ang Tong Methodist ended up the finalists tonight.

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