Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BCF 2009 - The Food Fair

Sibu Foochow Association's stall is where you will find Foochow specialties like "lay pian" (marriage cake) and "mang chiu ko".
Hakka Association treats the visitors to its unique specialties.

A live cooking station - Melanau foods are a must for visitors!

A Dayak stall.

A Malay corner where you are able to sample the mouth-watering Apam Bali (Mini & Special).

Kebab - a delectable Malay food. Don't miss it out!

Kacang Kuda - It is extremely affordable at RM 1 per cup.

A Malay pastry stall.

Chang Chuan Association's hotly popular stall.

Foods are an integral part of our culture.
In most of the cultural events, foods are brought into play and they add attraction to the festivals.
The Food Fair of BCF is where you can't afford to miss. Different ethnic groups present a wide variety of delectable specialties.
The seven major Chinese dialect groups set up their individual stalls to offer a rare opportunity for visitors to sample their delicacies.

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