Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dong Zhi

Yian's specialty - Roasted Chicken!
Deep Fried Snow Fish with sauce.

Winter Solstice Festival or Dong Zhi is a major Chinese festival marking the start of the first of the 24 seasonal division points. Its prominence was on par with Chinese New Year in the olden days in China. No Chinese, therefore, can afford to miss this occasion.
The mantras or the traditional teachings go like this: Dong Zhi falls on three days before Christmas.
But this year the Lunar and Gregorian calendars defy the mantras! Instead of the old saying of three days, Dong Zhi falls on today which is four days away from Christmas. Those who are unsuspecting might have been caught by surprise!
Yian set her hands in to come out with a satisfying 6-course Dong Zhi dinner for the family. Praise Lord for the delicacies and the wonderful meal time!
The photo shows Deluxe Fried Noodles.


Anonymous said...

where are your 'see young'? the sticky rice ball? without that we have no dong zhi....

Tony Hii said...

Right, we had sampled three or four times "see young" already.