Monday, December 22, 2008

Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church -" Walk Out To Reach Out" Christmas Celebrations

Xin Fu Yuan Methodist church aims to reach out to wider public the good news of the birth of Christ Jesus through open public concerts this year. In other words, the church is not celebrating Christmas this time within the confinement of four walls in the church building. Instead, it is a "Walk Out To Reach out" - the church is taking the entire celebrations to the open public.
On the run-up to Christmas, the church kept the momentum running this evening with a Evangelical Musical Christmas Concert at the foyer of Wisma Sanyan.
Themed "Rise! Rise! Rise!" (I was made to understand that it referred to the sizzling economic inflation which besieged the consumers at large, landing them in great distress), the live concert was evangelistic in nature targeting at the public at large. Through shows comprising of dances, songs and sharing, the presenters sought to get across to the spectators the message of Christmas and what it meant to you and me.
I was drawn to pop over by the melodious singing after my dinner at Blue Splendour Restaurant. The lively and creative programmes were an attraction for the evening in Wisma Sanyan. The messages getting through were clear and forceful, giving the thronging audience a time to pause for rethinking.
The Christmas concert concluded with a choir presentation, but that did not end the celebrations. The participating brothers and sisters stretched out their hands to welcome you to another show at Sunday Market, Jalan Chiew Siik Hiong on the evening of Dec. 25.
See you there!
If you wish to know more about the church, you may log in their website at( ).

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