Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ecumenical Christmas Carolling - Joy To The World, The Lord Has Come!

Sibu Town Square was a splendour this evening as 4,000 church members from different denominations gathered together in the name of our Lord for the annual Ecumenical Christmas Carolling. The congregation orderly lined up for a sing-along and prayer time before they marched off to the streets to sing to the Sibuians the good news of the birth of Lord Jesus to the world.
The birth of Jesus Christ gave to mankind the hope of eternal living and that is precisely the theme of Christmas. Never be caught in the illusion that Santa Claus is the lead player in this profoundly important occasion.
Along with the contingents were more than 10 floats, all creatively decorated to meaningful themes, with the purpose to share with the world the joy of having Christ Jesus!
As the brothers and sisters marched along the streets, they filled the air with joyous mood of Christmas. When they sang out the Christmas songs melodiously to thousands of on-lookers eagerly thronging on the road sides, the contingent members were like angels proclaiming the good news of our Lord to them!
The above pictures show the carolling teams and the floats. (Photos: Steve Ling)

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