Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Creating A Healthy Environment In Sibu

Sibu Municipal Council has put in commendable efforts to make Sibu a clean town and there are considerably encouraging results. All Sibuians bear witness to this effect.

SMC put Sibuians to another challenge by spurring on them to love our environment.

Lee Yan Sen, a Health Officer of SMC, untiringly promoted their latest care-for-environment project when I bumped into him two days ago. His eloquent talking moved me greatly, convincing me that it is indeed a worthwhile and noble project.

Perhaps this sort of goody ought to be shared with more people! To this effect, Lee started another blog to give a wider publicity to the SMC's environment-friendly undertakings. You may visit his blog at ( ).

Lee is also a renowned poet in Sibu, popularly known as Poet of Rajang Basin! If you are a fanatic of poems, you may give yourself a try at ( ).

A big thumb up to SMC and Lee!

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