Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Is Our Tradition!

Terima kasih!
Our hotel (http://www.premierh.com.my/ ) said it in a fine traditional Malaysian way to See Hua Daily News, The Borneo Post and United Daily for their support throughout the year. We were short of words to convey our gratitude other than 'thank you" and a cake or two!
The first picture shows Kong Chee Fui (Chief Reporter) of United Daily receiving the cake from me. On the left is Steve Ling (Feature Writer) who is also a blogger!
The second picture shows Nicholas Lo (Chief Reporter of The Borneo Post) and Yong (Chief Reporter of See Hua Daily News) posing with me and their reporting team.


ahlost said...

What's inside the box? Cakes? *LOL*

Tony Hii said...

ahlost, thank you for dropping by and it is nice to have your comment. It is a luscious cake inside!

Anonymous said...

Why do you need to keep good relationship with the reporters? Do they become your promoters? I think it is their job to report what is needed, but not doing thing in favour of any particular party.

Tony Hii said...

I appreciate their unbiased reporting.