Thursday, December 18, 2008

From Germany With Love

This group of German tourists are travelling overland from Kuching to KK on their tour of Borneo. They are CAN ( culture, nature, adventure) travellers who are attracted by the exotic beauty of the island.
Sibu remains a stop-over in their itinerary.
In our efforts to promote Sibu as a tourist destination, perhaps we may take a serious look at our underdeveloped tourist potentials.
2009 has been officially declared as "Visit Sibu Year". Sibuians are awaiting for some surprises!
The pictures show the group at Premier Hotel's ( ) lobby upon arrival.


sarawakiana said...

Nice to read about CAN

May be you can give the rest of the Sibuans who live outside Sibu frequent updates about Visit Sibu Year!! May be your special blog on that!!

Perhaps many of us will make it a point to come back to Sibu in 2009!

Tony Hii said...

Thank you for your valuable points. I will make my efforts to blog more about Visit Sibu Year. Please, those of you who are outside, do come back to see Sibu!