Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chen Shui-bian's Corruption Probe

Former Taiwan First Lady Wu Shu-chen was questioned yesterday by the prosecutors in a corruption probe.
Wu was astute enough to deflect all allegations from her, saying she absolutely stayed clear of all these.
Wu Shu-chen reminded me of DM and VK Lingam in the Royal Commission of Inquiry into VK Lingam Video Clip case.
Both DM and VK Lingam shocked the nation by saying:
DM : I can't remember anything about the case.
VK Lingam : The person in the video clip looks like me. But he certainly is not me!
They are all pretty sleek-tongued!


Philip said...

I wonder how much more harm she could do to Taiwan if she was not handicapped.

Anonymous said...

she would become the president!

Tony Hii said...

She would probably be another Empress Dowager Cixi.