Monday, November 17, 2008

DSAI In Sibu - A Rousing Comeback

YB Dominique Ng of PKR is in rapport with YB Wong Ho Leng of DAP at the dinner. Are they up to something? (Photo: Steve Ling)
The packed Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre - The turnout composed of a high percentage of Dayak and Malay supporters. (Photo: Steve Ling)

The charismatic DSAI at the grand evening function. On the right is YB Gabriel Adit of Ngemah constituency who just joined PKR. Little wonder that DSAI is giving a helping hand. (Photo: Steve Ling)

A file photo of DSAI.

DSAI had a crowd-pulling weekend in Sibu. With a turnout of 3,000 PKR members and supporters at Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre on November 15, DSAI had every reason to radiate warmth and charm.

About a year ago when DSAI landed on Sibu in a ground-breaking visit, he was on low profile with relegated publicity.

What a marked difference just after one year.

PKR is quietly making inroads into Sarawak in its aggressive ground-building work for the upcoming State elections due in two years' time. It is now a party to be reckoned with, if it can garner sufficient Dayak support.

Never take it for granted that there is no alternative. It has been proven time and again that this is an era for a change!


Anonymous said...

Great job! Thanks for posting the pictures. Anwar needs to learn Iban language lah

Tony Hii said...

Hey, thank you for dropping by.