Saturday, October 4, 2008

Coxsackie - Coming Back Here In Sibu After 11 Years!

I read with deep concern about a much feared outbreak of the scary Coxsackie disease in Eastern Times.

According to the news, the suspected E71 has thus far claimed one life - a boy aged four years died at the sibu General Hospital last Tuesday, apparently a victim of the dreaded coxsackie disease. The true cause is still held in suspense pending further detailed analysis.

Even before the medical report is out, political parties are already at work, slurring at each other and trying to capitalise on this outbreak.

Their intent is noble and meant good for Sibu. Sibuians deserve to have full access to the information relating to the outbreak of the fearful disease.

This reminds me of the furious spread of Coxsackie disease way back in March, 1997 which was perhaps one of the most nightmarish periods I had ever gone through. During that time, Sidney, Allen and Pauline were still within the vulnerable age range. Practically Yian and I had to tread along the nerve-racking days with excessive mental strain. We could easily wake up several times in a night to pop over to check on the kids' body temperature. The coxsackie outbreak really kept us in suspense for a whole of two months.

Even worse was the near black-out of news during the onslaught by the disease. Practically all releases had to be filtered by MOH.


Bengbeng said...

the Mrs n I are going crazy with worry. Benghui has a sore throat and cough too but fortunately no fever. we r praying about it

Tony Hii said...

bengbeng, just keep on praying.