Sunday, October 5, 2008

Coxsackie - Make Crucial Information Available!

This is really an age of explosive information.

All Malaysians have constitutional rights to have access to crucial information such as those relating to the outbreak of coxsackie disease in Sibu. The earlier the public at large is informed of the dreaded attack, the better it is since sufficient precautionary can be taken in time to safeguard the children against the fearful disease.

It is outrageous to say that such nature of public information might stir up public fear and unrest! This sort of mentality does not fit in well with the present era.

I recall in the previous outbreak in 1997, The Star stationed a full-time reporter in Sibu for a period of two weeks to extensively cover the news for the benefit of the whole nation. She was put up in Premier Hotel and I had had wonderful opportunities to catch up with her on her assignments here. She grumbled a few times about blacking out of news which only made her reporting duties so very frustrating.

Sibuians deserve to be well informed of the latest outbreak!

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