Friday, October 3, 2008

Agricultural Land Lease Renewal Fees - It Is A Non-Issue!

The exorbitant fees on agricultural land lease renewal blew up into a hot issue recently, drawing SUPP, DAP and UCA Sibu into the picture. All the concerned parties have their respective interests to pursue, with a common objective to assist the disgruntled land owners.

The agricultural land lease renewal fees at RM200 per acre are positively cheap.

So the affected land owners better pay up the fees at RM10,000 per acre before the due date. It is already a non-issue!

The fee issue has been politicised by certain unscrupulous parties.

Hey, you people out there, you better shut up!

The whole issue is as a result of some gross misunderstanding of the new scheme.

So just organise a briefing session to put the issue to a stop.

Ha! How nice if things could be so simple!


William said...

This white hair fellow is telling lie. Are we nut to believe him? What a shame. Yes, rural agricultural land renewal fee is RM200. But suburban agricultural renewal fee is 25% of market value. Assume 1 point of suburban land at RM500. One arce or 100 points is RM500,000. 25% of that is RM125,000. God bless the land owner especially the Chinese land owner where their land is located not far away from the city and will be classified as suburban land.

Shylah Waliyah Adams said...

hi thanks for your comment. all the best for your future. regards

长竹 said...


Tony Hii said...

william,shylah waliyah adams, it is very simple - take it or leave it.

WSP, land lease renewal fee is now a sticky issue.

Anonymous said...

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