Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SUPP On The Sedition Issue

In the midst of the heightened controversy over the seditious statement made by AI, Gerakan and MCA have drawn a clear line with UMNO on this issue, making it succinctly clear that the racial issue is beyond their tolerance limit. They voiced out their discontent to the extent of saying that they might moot to pull out from BN in their loudest ever protest.

SUPP, another Chinese-majority party with a base in Sarawak, has been mute other than the showy rejection of the racist stand. In other words, SUPP has not laid down the card to give UMNO a mounting pressure.

SUPP is very much under the restraint of the State BN, meaning it has to move in tandem with the other component parties. A ultimatum call on BN is certainly not in the interest of the State BN. As such, SUPP has to tone down its stand on Ahmad Ismail's seditious statement.

To certain extent, SUPP has not much muscle to flex on this heated issue!


limpeh said...

Tony, thanks for sharing this article. SUPP scared of balls

Daniel said...

SUPP leaders only care about making money for themselves.When do they care about the people?Therefore the leaders of SUPP only serve for themselves and their families,not for the people.

Tony Hii said...

limpeh, daniel, PM is still firmly in control. Within SUPP, people are quite busy with racing for power.