Thursday, September 11, 2008

SUPP - On The Race To Power

On the run-up to the Triennial Delegates' Conference (TDC) due to be held at the year's end, SUPP gets a bit more bustled up, with rumours floating around on the race to the top post in the party. Sure enough, momentum is going to build up over the next two months.

In fact, rumblings of discontent burst out last year when Sibu SUPP hit out against GC for his dismal leadership. WSK openly threw challenge to GC, signalling for the first time the blast-off of the racing game. The open conflict took the party to the verge of landing in an unsettled state.

Then the drama took a sharp u-turn, with WSk throwing his full support behind GC to stay on to the top post.

The turn of event took a lot of watchers by surprise, sending them to almost fall off in balance.

WSK strategised to back up GC showed that he was working towards gaining an upper hand in the power race.

WSK's move was highly strategic and the watchers described it as intelligent politically.


Daniel said...

We are all settlers in Malaysia.
datuks and neneks of these people came from all around asia as listed below:
1.Orang Arab-Syed Hamid Albar
2.Orang Aceh-Sanusi Junid
3.Orang India-Kader Sheikh Fadzir,Nor Mohamed Yakcop and that roody poo jabroni Ahmad Ismail
4.Orang Bugis-Najib Razak
5.Orang Minang-Rais Yatim
6.Orang Jawa-Mohamad Rahmat
7.Orang Cina-Datuk sebelah ibu Abdullah Badawi,namanya Hassan Salleh atau Hah Su Chiang pendatang dari wilayah Guandong, China
8.Orang Turki-Hishamuddin Hussein
9.Orang Kerala-Datuk nenek Mahathir Mohammad

Now the strange thing is,they consider themselves Malays.
Hampir semua orang Melayu di sini berasal dari luar Tanah Melayu tetapi diiktiraf sebagai "bangsa Melayu" oleh Perlembagaan Persekutuan.Where else can this be happening but in Malaysia?What a joke?

Anonymous said...

I am curious who will challenge GC if it is not WSK. Is it DT?

Tony Hii said...

daniel, your sharing is thought-provoking.

anonymous, GC may stay on.

Daniel said...

Breaking News:Raja Petra Kamarudin aka RPK arrested under Internal Security Act.

Tony Hii said...

daniel, more are on the lining up!

limpeh said...

Do you know why WSK is so eager to topple GC? Not only because of his cronies, he also wants to put his idiot son to stand for the next SE and GE...he wants to follow the footstep of sleeping guy (SIL) and pek-moh (playboy s)...

Tony Hii said...

WSK is building up a stronger foothold.

limpeh said...

kopi-O from damacai owner not kaw enough? anyway, we will go out to ensure wsk will not get to the top...let's see!

Tony Hii said...

limpeh, but WSK seems to have gained an upper hand now! Again, I may be wrong.