Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BN In A Shaky State

The Malaysian political arena is now really in a very unsettled state. This calls for an immediate concern.

Bukit Bendera UMNO chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail referring Chinese to as squatters in this nation had blown up waves of loud protests against his seditious statement.

The heated issue blasted off to sky-high partly because AAB acted too slow and far too soft. In other words, AAB's flip-flop style had resulted in this hot issue getting out of hands.

Sure enough, Ahmad Ismail is not standing alone - he has a high-powered pat on the back. The force behind AI is not immediately known and the market is flooded with speculations.

AI, being just a UMNO division chief, is considered daring enough to openly confront PM. Probably like what I said, he has blessings to arm-wrestle with the helm of the party.

There may be a hidden agenda working towards destabilising Pak Lah.

Now is really a testing time for Pak Lah with 916 power-seizure looming large and BN in a shaky position.


limpeh said...

Tun M agrees to rejoin UMNO. Another hypocrite. shame on him!

Tony Hii said...

limpeh, DM has his personal agenda!

Daniel said...

Anyway, here is the latest news from our 50 or so Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament who are now in Taiwan. I was told they have each been given RM50,000 pocket money.

Tony Hii said...

daniel, your breaking news is pretty shocking!

limpeh said...

Tell you, none of the politician in m'sia can be trusted...All useless. shame on them!

Just wonder why the SUPP vision team keeps quite on Ahmad is-Mail's remarks? No balls?