Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sept. 16 - Driving Malaysians To Absolute Frenzy

916 is the anniversary date of the formation of Malaysia when Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah came together under the auspices of the late TAR to give birth to a new nation in 1963.

Soon after the political tsunami on March 8 this year, in the wake of the astounding victory by PR in the 12th GE which for the first time since independence, denied the two -third majority of the ruling front in the parliament, DSAI planned a seizure of power on Sept. 16 by adding to his ranks just 30 more MPs for his government to be formed.

Since then, rumourmongering has been floating everywhere, entangling the whole nation with uncertainty. But , nonetheless, it also gives out a ray of hope to the rakyat who opt for a change.

With DSAI's landslide winning on August 26, speculations of taking over the power gathered momentum by leaps and bounds. And with 916 drawing near, the whole political atmisphere is getting tight and tense, stirring the pulses of the rakyat and keeping everybody on wild guessing.

916 is certainly the talk of the town now. But, would Anwar deliver?

DSAI seems confident, repeating today that his grand plan is on the track.

The whole PR keeps tight-lipped over the power seizure. BN, on the other hand, appears to be tense and excited.

It still remains a waiting political game!

The local Chinese dailies are flush with the news on 916-related developments.


Bengbeng said...

absolute frenzy is the right phrase to use. it is being discussed every where. literally

Tony Hii said...

bengbeng, the whole scene has never been seen before!

Anonymous said...

The media has reformed over the past one year or so. before that, all these newspapers have been talking good about BN and dared not to report about the opposition.

Instead of getting worried, we are placing hope. Nothing has been that bad before. Most of us felt that the situation could not be changed and we will be suppressed forever, but now we see the hope - not just a little hope but quite a substantial hope.

I don't think supp will remain in BN if they see political environment is changed. SUPP has been working like opportunist ever seen they abandoned the struggle as an opposition. On the other hand, we would also ask if there are qualified politicians in SUPP to join the new reformed government. The reformed government should be selective and not to take in all the political dropouts.

Daniel said...

you must trust me.
my sources told me that anwar has gathered more than 30 BN MPs who are willing to cross over.
And also Raja Petra Kamaruddin will be detained under Internal Security Act these few days.Just watch and see.
Oh yes,while ACA investigating Tenaga in Peninsular Malaysia,they will also investigate the corruptions happening in SESCO.To SESCO employees,be very afraid.

Daniel said...

SUPP is no longer relevant in the context of politics today.
Just ask Wong Soon Koh,where did and how did he get his current residence from?How come Soon Hup never send me such a generous gift like that?
Tony,shall you lodge a report with ACA regarding this matter?
Or you dont trust ACA as well?hahaha