Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sept. 16 - Anwar Keeping The Card High Up His Sleeve

We are now on a countdown to Sept. 16, the Doomsday Anwar claimed he would mount a takeover of the helm of the state. To a lot of Malaysians - Nothing is impossible. To DSAI-Impossible is nothing!

Right from the start, PR has been playing an offensive role, whilst BN has been on the defence. In terms of strategy, PR seems to be on the upper hand.

If the alleged sodomy charge was a manoeuvre to play DSAI up, then it has been proven to be quite futile up to now. Anwar not onlt fought back with heavy punches, he even exposed some dirty linen of the administration. The case is not likely to upset Anwar's plan.

The planned mass exodus of the back-benchers to a study tour is another show of untactical defence move. It is a manifestation of no- confidence with their own people.

The run-up to 916 is truly a nerve-racking waiting time.


Daniel said...

The countdown to topple the BN government has begun.

Tony Hii said...

Let's watch out!