Friday, September 5, 2008

The Economist - A Good Coverage On Malaysia

The latest issue of The Economist (August 30th - September 5th) carries a good article titled "Sodomy and the backlash" on the contemporary political issues in Malaysia involving both BN and PR.

I may not always concur with the foreign journalists' views on our home affairs. But many a time, they present a balanced and independent analyses on our internal affairs which are of value to us.

During DM's era, I had had numerous unpleasant experiences of receiving my personal copies of The Economist late, sometimes by as long as one month. Out of frustration, I called up the agent in KL to make enquiries, and the standard reply would always be: The batch is still being held by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

On a few occasions, the copies of The Economist that I received late were censored with black marker pen on the so called sensitive paragraphs, rendering the magazine less readable.

Pak Lah is more liberal in this sense. Ever since he took over the helm of the state, I have not had the above bothersome interruption in delivery of The Economist.

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