Sunday, August 3, 2008

Simon Tiong Ing Tung - A Consumer Activist

Simon Tiong is a respectable local consumer activist. He has been standing at the forefront in Sibu, albeit almost single-handedly, to stand up to issues of consumer interest.

Years back, I used to be in Sarawak Consumers' Association, Sibu Branch (CAS), working shoulder to shoulder with Philip Wong and a few others, taking on issues detrimental to the consumers at large.

During the tenure of our service, we ran a column in the local dailies (The Borneo Post, The Malaysia Daily, See Hua Daily, etc) on consumer issues.

I came to know Simon Tiong a few years back when he took up the challenge to lead the consumer group in Sibu. When he put his shoulder to the wheel, he became the consumer activist in Sibu.

This morning, I bumped into Simon Tiong with two others in a kopitiam. Over a cup of kopi-o, we blahed on some burning issues locally.

Out of the blue, Simon told me about his blog ( ) for the true interest of the streamyx users at large. Gee, Simon is a blogger too.

The woes of the local streamyx service have been heart-rending. Despite repeated public outcry, we noticed little progress.

"I wish to collect more comments for compilation into a more forceful feedback to TM Net, our streamyx provider," Simon told me. Simon Tiong's efforts are most commendable. He truly has the interest of the local streamyx users at large in heart.

Give him a pat on his back and feedback your valuable comments to him.

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