Monday, August 4, 2008

Global Outlook - Is The Time Right Now?

The outlook globally has been a mixed one, with bearish and bullish sentiments mingling in the market. If you go to the cheerleaders, you are likely to be told that the market has really bottomed out. On the other hand, the doomsayers would dent your confidence, saying the worst is yet to come.

Both are not wrong. We are really at the verge of the worst and recovery, if you may call it!

Let the greenback's direction be your indicator. The dollar is tilting up on the feverish speculation that the Federal Reserve is poised to tighten the monetary policy of the U.S.

Ben Bernake is truly keeping the world on a nerve-racking wait for his golden touch.

I contributed an article to The Chinese Methodist Message dated August 3, 2008 on the global outlook. You may read it if you are Chinese-literate.

Have a good day!

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