Friday, August 1, 2008

A Tricky Cabinet Reshuffle

CM Pehin Sri Abdul Taib made a minor reshuffle in cabinet portfolios yesterday, amidst tense speculations surrounding the matter.

The much-awaited announcement came as a surprise, involving only a swap of posts between Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh (DSWSK) and Datuk Mechael Mayin Jawong respectively of SUPP and PBB.

The tricky thing lies in DSWSK is now being assigned to be Datuk Soon Choon Teck's boss.

DSWSK and DSCT have not been seeing eye to eye openly in the wake of the saga over the formation of Dudong Branch.

When the takedown order of the signboards of the "branch" erupted, the whole matter almost went out of hand. At the height of it, DCM Tan Sri George Chan bluntly put it, "DSWSK and DSCT have to talk face to face soon."

With the reshuffle, we see no reason for them not to chat over kopi-o.

George really meant business!


Anonymous said...

How could you be so sure that it's GC's game?

Tony Hii said...

anonymous, you have read PSAT and GC carefully.

Anonymous said...

This happened simply WSK suported GCHN to continue as SUPP chief. If I were the top people like Pehin, I will let SCD to step down

Tony Hii said...

anonymous, politics is a tricky game. DSCT has his role to play in this power game. Watch out for GC's next move!