Monday, July 21, 2008

Sarikei Election Petition - The Winner Goes To Ding Kuong Hiing

The hottest talk perhaps in the town in the past few weeks was on the petition hearing in Election Court over the general election result in Sarikei Constituency (P.208).

In a stiff five-cornered fight, Ding Kuong Hiing emerged winner with a tissue-thin majority. Dr. Wong Hua Seh later made a petition to seek the election court to declare the result as null and void. The core of the arguement lies with the condirional setting up of TAR College.

Judge Ian Chin delivered his much-awaited judgement this morning. It came as a little surprise that the petition was dismissed.

In the course of hearing, the respondent's side turned from defensive initially to offensive eventually. The evidence in support of the petition lacked substance even from a layman's view.

As a whole, it was quite a lopsided case. When compared to the petition case now still proceeding in Kuching, Sarikei constituency's hearing was much less dramatic and sensational.

The only stunning thing about this case was the highly controversial statements made by Judge Ian Chin about TDM which sent the whole nation rocking.


Daniel said...

Nobody believes in Malaysia's judicial system now.I dont want to be cheated you?

Tony Hii said...

daniel, we need a revamp.

rubberseeds said...

You have predicted correctly!

Tony Hii said...

rubberseeds, the whole petition was somewhat a disappointment!