Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UMNO & PAS Talks - A Stir To PR

Legally speaking, marriage for convenience is an offence in Australia. During my student days at Monash University, the officials went to the extent of spot checking on the marriage lives of dubious marriages, especially those between foreigners and locals.

In politics, there have been cases of marriages for convenience to suit the political agendas, the latest in Malaysia being the on-going political talks between UMNO and PAS. Of course, they are still very much at a courting stage!

Chats over kopi-o are really nothing a big deal to blah about. But the present precarious political structure makes this nature of meet smell fishy!

By a snap of his fingers, Pak Lah may easily cook up elements to unsettle the PR coalition. This is nothing too far-fetched and the implications are not to be underestimated.

Pak Lah is shrewd (or is it the idea of KJ?). You see, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim is now preoccupied with the alleged sodomy case and the defamation suit. It is an opportune time for Pak Lah to take an offensive move to stir up PR a little bit.

PR has a testing time ahead!


-eiling- said...

Well i hope PR really stays as PR and hope PAS will not be marrying UMNO. If not, all efforts to clean up the politicians who have been mistreating the rakyat will go to waste.

Tony Hii said...

eiling, it really makes more sense for PAS to stay on with PR than to match up with UMNO. But again in politics, rivals are not forever. In this case, UMNO is putting up a tactful play, using the UMNO-PAS talks as a makeshift platform to cause a stir in PR as a counter-attack. To me, PAS shares more political ideologies with PR than with UMNO, although it has quite a deep-seated difference with both in the Islamic state issue. To put it short, PR-PAS is better than BN-PAS in terms of working relationship.