Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saga of SUPP's Proposed Dudong Branch

A takedown order by ROS of the signboard of SUPP's Dudong Branch took the saga to a new height, ignitting a new round of explosive squabbles through press. The organising committee of the proposed Dudong Branch even took the matter to the court to seek an order as to whether SMC has power to act on the ROS's takedown order.

The prolonged dragging of the issue has fed the market with a gossip topic, giving Sibuians extra blah time at kopitiam.

The setting up of Dudong Branch is in any sense a non-issue so long as it is in full compliance with the party's procedures and the rule of law of our nation.

But the branch issue has been cooked up by certain interested parties to fit in to their personal agendas. With a calculated manoeuvre, Dudong branch issue was blown up, taking SUPP to the verge of split.

In economics, a market invisible hand works towards balancing the supply and demand. But in the case of Dudong, the strong invisible hand tilts the party to an imbalance.

SUPP really has to stay united to fend off the challenge!

The organising committee of the proposed Dudong Branch took it to court to seek an order.


Anonymous said...

What these people need is POWER. Power will become money. As common, we would not care what they want to do, except their don't concentrate in servicing the people by spending a lot of time in this kind of internal fighting

Daniel said...

SUPP is no longer relevant in the context of Sarawak politics.Its leaders are too corrupted.Rest assured that an ACA report is being filed on Wong Soon Koh's huge residence in Au Yong there...a so called gift from Soon Hup.

Tony Hii said...

anonymous, you are right - they should spend more time servicing the rakyat.

daniel, all Malaysians have to play games according to rules.