Friday, July 4, 2008

Malaysia Into Political Upheavals

This political fight has every criterion to be classified as heavyweight. It has now been taken to the ring with the whole nation's focal point on the two boxers.

In the ring are Datuk Seri Najib Rajak and Datuk Seri Anwat Ibrahim boxing against each other in a tsunami-scale championship. Politically speaking, this is a life or death match.

Time is running short for both parties, making it all the more urgent to knock the opponent out to stand winning.

That explains all the bombshells to drive Malaysians flabbergasted. I have to take black coffee to stay clear in my thinking.

The climax of the saga may yet to come. It is , therefore, premature at this juncture to comment on this game of the century.

The Malaysians are taken dumbfounded, not knowing what lies in the foggy front. The nation is sunk into a political turmoil, with foreign funds and expatriates sidelining and holding back, much to the loss of our country.

Let's stay focused on the ring as the heavyweight championship progresses with lightning turns of events.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

well,relax...sit back,eat popcorns and enjoy the show.It's fun watching Malays destroying each other.May Allah have mercy on their soul.Yet they still can claim their God is Allah.Hahahaha..what a sick joke.