Saturday, July 5, 2008

Borneo Cultural Festival 2008 - A Grand Finale

From the rousing take-off to the grand finale, the 9-day extravaganza threaded with excitement, taking Sibuians and visitors from outstation through a fascinating journey of culture.

I had not been able to follow through the entire programme due to time constraint. But I had had enriching experiences with the festival as a whole.

In my opinion, the cultural aspects of BCF had been reasonably well achieved. With rich line-up and extensive coverage, the programme was set to take visitors for a fruitful tour.

On tourist response, the festival still has a bumpy path to go through. So far BCF has attracted no notable influx of tourists. Perhaps more extensive promotions with wider network may help.

Since BCF is already a calendar event,get the dates settled down at least one year in advance to enable tourists to fix up their itineraries. I understand that foreign travellers plan their travelling at least one year ahead.

BCF, see you in 2009!

The picture shows Wong Meng Lei autographing on his book. Promoting literary interests is one of the more remarkable aspects of this year's BCF. Meng Lei is a renowned writer and blogger.

Walking on stilts calls for skills. BCF may not give you all, but it never fails to open your eyes to wonderful Chinese culture like stilt-walking. Yian and Pauline grabbed the opportunity to take a picture with some stilt-walkers.
Kwang Wai Siew Association's booth - The succulent roasts are so very tempting!
Sibu Harka Association proudly presents an array of specialties.
Foochow Association - They offer all the authentic Foochow foods.
Sibu Chiang Chuan Association appears to be doing brisk business!
Melanau Food Fair - Kachang kuda on offer at RM1 per cup.
Dayak Food Fair - The mouth-watering pansuh (bamboo rice or meat) is almost a must.
Malay Food Fair - They are extremely receptive to request for photoshooting!


Anson said...

Hopefully can done better than next year!

Tony Hii said...

anson, we look forward to seeing a better one in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Most handsome men at the BCF 2008.

Tony Hii said...

anonymous, you probably missed out some other handsome ones.