Thursday, July 3, 2008

Borneo Cultural Festival 2008 - Malay Traditions Well Preserved

A stage show of Malay wedding rites. But this ethnic group takes their traditions further than that-they actually put them to practice. That explains why their traditions are so well preserved.
This lighted box provides a lot of convenience to the visitors - it allows easy check-out on daily programme for following through.

More often than not, I have been very amazed by the well preserved Malay traditions. Despite social changes and passage of time, this ethnic group has maintained their traditions intact,much to my admiration.

Take the example of their marriage rites. I have been on a few occasions to Malay wedding functions in Sibu. It is not the rites but the traditions that fascinate me.

Borneo Cultural Festival provides a fantastic venue for Malays to share with other ethnic groups their well preserved traditions in wedding. On stage was a show of marriage rites to take the audience to the real life scenario.

For Malays, the traditions have not been relegated to stage shows only. In real life, they put them to practice and keep them in a well preserved state. This is admirable.

BCF this year has some notable improvements over the past years. This shows that they have given thoughtful planning to the organising of the festival. Of course, there is still room for even better results.

With only two more days to go before the grand finale, I hope Sibuians will grab the remaining opportunity to see for themselves this extravaganza!


Daniel said...
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Danny Tan said...

Very informative, Tony...

Tony Hii said...

Danny, thank you.