Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Borneo Cultural Festival 2008 - A Literary Occasion

The locals have been quite lukewarm about literary interests. This has been a social phenomenon for quite a long time due partly to complex factors including materialism. But one consolation is that Sibu never lacks good writers who are prepared to pen for pennies.

This group of zealots have been contributing enormously to the local literary growth. They deserve a word of commendation here.

I have been an avid reader, both in English and Chinese. It has been a greater kick to read the local works and I always have strong admiration for the local writers.

BCF provided an excellent literary meet for the readers to rub shoulders with some local writers. It was an occasion when the invited writers gave personal sharings and autographed for the book buyers.

It was a meaningful occasion for promoting literary interests in Sibu. A big thumb up to The Chinese Methodist Message and SMC.

Yong Sun was caught snapping. A blogger, Yong is also a renowned local writer.

The picture shows Ong Poh Kheng sharing with the audience on his life as a fire-fighter.
The picture shows Ong's latest work.
The picture shows Rev. Mok Ing Huat autographing for his book buyer.
The picture shows Winnie Chan Sin Min giving a public sharing about her books.
"Love In The Wind", one of the latest works by Winnie, is well recommended.


天鵝江畔 said...

Hi, Tony
I post my blog 12 min later than you,
you done a good job! thanks your encouragement!

xynzi~~ said...

Ths! bt I think ur blog is nicer..
wish tat I cn write such nice blog js like wat u all did..

Tony Hii said...

meng lei, let's all do something for the good of Sibu.

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