Sunday, June 1, 2008

Selamat Gawai Dayak 2008

Selamat Gawai Dayak!

Typical in Malaysia, festive visits provide some sort of cohesion that draws the races closer to one another. Our enviable harmony is enhanced through tolerance and cultural contacts. When races in some other nations fight against each other, here in Malaysia we visit each other.

Malaysia - it is such a fascinating place!

Gawai Dayak has political significance to most of the politicians in Sarawak. As Dayaks make up roughly 40% of Sarawak's population, the group's presence is of great relevance to most of the constituencies.

The season provides our politicians another excellent opportunity to get down to grass-root level to mingle with Dayaks.

Dayaks have very strong cultural attachments. I understand that those in politics have to ngajat when visiting longhouses to show that they are well integrated into the community. Well, do like the locals do!

The picture shows Dayaks in their traditional costume.

Datuk David Teng and YB Ding Kuong Hiing celebrating Gawai at a longhouse.

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