Monday, June 2, 2008

Duang Wu Jie - The Legend of Qu Yuan

Also known as Dragon Boat Festival, Duang Wu Jie essentially memorializes Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet of the ancient state of Chu.

Qu Yuan had immense love for his country. Seeing that Chu was sliding into a hopeless state of corruption and weakness, he ended his own life by drowning in a river, hoping to wake the nation up to its lamentable state.

Today, zongzi (the food originally intended to feed the fish) and dragon boats (the boats with thundering sound of drums with intention to frighten off the fish) are symbolic of our loving memory for Qu Yuan.

But the true spirit of Qu Yuan's legend is patriotism - his love for his nation even at the cost of his own life.

Zongzi is a must for Duang Wu Jie. Nowadays recipes are getting innovative to tickle the taste bud of gourmets. Zongzi-wrapping calls for skill - you may easily mess up if yoy miss your steps.

We have noticed certain degree of degeneration in this aspect of Chinese culture among the younger generations. Zongzi-wrapping seems to be fast getting out of touch with them. This calls for concern by the Chinese community.

The pictures show Yian's six-treasure zongzi. Rich in stuffing, the homewrapped zongzis are not only yummy, but healthy.


Bengbeng said...

great pic taking. u r learning. i noticed the deco of hte dumplings with the red flower :) for presentation.

my family has never done this so I cannot do this :)

Tony Hii said...

bengbeng, I am sure you can do it with your hands on.

Mee Ling said...