Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Take-Away Meal For Convenience

I was busy with Yian for the later part of the afternoon. When it was time for dinner, we decided to fix a quick meal by redeeming the KFC vouchers for some take-away for the family.

We went to KFC Restaurant at Wisma Sanyan for convenience. At 6:00pm, the outlet was still slow and we hardly had to queue up. After a quick glance, we decided to settle on 12-piece family dinner plate.

Together with Yian's homecooked potato wedges, an otherwise simple take-away turned into quite a sumptuous meal.

If you cast aside the health-count, KFC meals are really yummy! But for the fun of the family life, it is worth to pamper yourself and your dear ones occasionally. You may educate your kids on healthy living, but avoid to go to the extent of depriving them of basic enjoyment like dining out at KFC.


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mee ling, I agree with you.