Saturday, April 12, 2008


The authority set up by the State Government to oversee the implementation of SCORE project is Regional Corridor Development Authority (RECODA).

RECODA is entrusted to ensure that the laid-down objectives of SCORE are achieved as planned. Broadly speaking, SCORE aims to increase quantity and quality of available human capital, accelerate the utilization of natural resources and increase employment opportunities.

With a total investment of RM334billion, our government projects to increase the GDP of the Central Region by 5 times by 2030.

Ambitious, indeed, is SCORE in terms od its projected capital outlay and growth achievement. But is it a reason good enough for Sarawakians to pin their hopes on this project?

You may visit SCORE's website at .

The picture shows the booth of once contentious and hotly debated Bakun Hydroelectric Project.

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Anonymous said...

Why want to know about Bakun ? If it is burst, Sibu and Sibuians will all be gone. All the ringgit Malaysia in the world cannot bring them back.