Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bursa Malaysia - Be Prepared For Volatile Trading

In the week to come, Bursa Malaysia is projected to be volatile on the onslaught of both internal and external negative news.

The subprime crisis appears to be worsening, hitting hard on GE in the States. The consumer confidence index in USA dwindled to a new low, touching on the lowest point in 26 years. This adds to the market perception that the slow-down is deteriorating, thereby causing Dow Jones to slump by 2.04% on last Friday's closing. The vibrating effect is expected to spill over to Bursa Malaysia on Monday.

The external shocks and the internal political vibrancy are going to keep the trading volume thin.

Following the near certainty that the States is staggering into recession and the strengthening of Ringgit against the greenback, foreign funds are again at the doorstep, hoping to make an influx to reap the pportunities. But the funds may not necessarily be channelled to the vibrant Bursa Malaysia.

Let's hope for the best in the week ahead!

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