Friday, April 11, 2008


The roadshow is housed in a huge tent erected on the open ground at Pintu Gerbang Sibu. It is for a duration of one week from 7th to 14th of April with the objective to open the eyes of the dear Sibuians to the mammoth project benefiting primarily the Central Region.

Before I popped in, I dwelt on the impression that Sibu would stand to reap from SCORE.

But the roadshow cooled off my initial zeal. SCORE seems to centre on Mukah and Bintulu, with Sibu appearing vague on the drawing-board.

Ten priority industries have been identified for potential developments, namely tourism, oil-based, aluminum, metal-based, glass, palm-oil, marine engineering, timber-based, livestock and fishing/aquaculture. Of the ten jewels supposedly hopeful for the region, it is crystal clear to Sibuians that Sibu has scant benefits to derive from SCORE since majority of the identified industries are based outside Sibu.

When I stepped out of the exhibition tent, it suddenly struck me that there is little wonder that Sibuians have been rather lukewarm about SCORE.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was pretty obvious Sibu got almost nothing until the local big shots had to beg for some money. Sibu has been left out once again but I cannot understand why this is happening. Both the MPs are from the BN.

Anonymous said...

Probably because of the political struggle. So now they zoom into Taib and they zoom into money. Mukah International Airport. Bintulu LNG plant. The Barisan Nasional really spoil Taib because he is able to give them what they need. Money. Power. Influence. How long do Sarawakians want all these before they realize these are just temporary ? Or may be Sarawak is rich enough to sustain these corruptible desires.