Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat Versus Islamic State

A two-front system is looming large in Malaysia!

Following the astounding success of the opposition front in the 12th General Election, PKR, DAP and PAS came out with a proposal two days ago to form a coalition front called Pakatan Rakyat to stand united in facing up to BN.

This is a very healthy progress in the democratic development in Malaysia. A coveted move, the coalition would certainly take our nation one step further in political maturity.

Amidst all the cheers and applause, there is just this tricky issue to cope with - an Islamic state in Malaysia. Whilst PAS has a clear constitutional provision to establish an Islamic state, DAP and PKR have strong objections to its formation.

The proposed Pakatan Rakyat has got to settle this sticky difference in political ideologies!

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Anonymous said...

Put out the difference in politics as the main aim is to bring peoples' voices or grievences for better tomotrrow.Religions? We believed in God so no different. Opposition? Every parties that goes against ruling party are opposition and the "Pakatan Rakyat" won the election, BN will be the opposition. The opposition have not the chance to prove the are real good, to find out we have give them a chance. So let us see.