Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MAF Of The Masland Methodist Church - Life Planning

The picture shows the retreat in progress.
MAF of The Masland Methodist Church took advantage of the Labour Day's break to hold a retreat at Premier Hotel for the benefits of the fellowshippers.

The theme of the retreat is "Life Planning", with Rev. Dr. Su Chi Ann, President of SCAC, as the course speaker.

In his introductory address, Rev. Dr. Su said the Life Planning course is designed to stretch over at least for 20 hourse, but it has been condensed into an 8-hour duration to suit the retreat programme.

Life Planning is essentially about focusing on God-centred life. "God has a wonderful planning for each and everyone of us and our duty is to manage our lives in accordance with God's will", stressed Rev. Dr. Su.

Rev. Dr. Su is perhaps one of the most organised pastors I have ever come across. Way back in 80s, I started reading his writings on church administration which were enlightening. Having him to speak on this subject is more than appropriate.

The picture shows Rev. Dr. Su delivering his talk.

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