Thursday, May 1, 2008

MAF Of The Masland Methodist Church - Life Planning (Final)

The retreat kicked off last night with 75 participants gathering in the name of our Lord to better ourselves in planning for life.

The morning session was called to start with a sing-together to warm up. It was a wonderful time that we praised Lord with melodious songs and soothing music.

Rev. Dr. Su moved on his talk with outlining the eight major areas in planning for life. "Focus on spiritual wholeness, personal development, physical fitness, financial management, family enrichment, church life, career/ministry and community life," he called on the participants.

Be a smart planner and get the principles right. "Your planning has got to be specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time - targeted," Rev. Dr. Su made it clear to us.

The life planning course is practical and down-to-earth. I personally benefited from Rev. Dr. Su's sharing on his own experiences.

The retreat ended with a group photo at Premier Hotel's main entrance.

The picture shows the participants breaking off for tea and coffee.

The picture shows the lunch time.
A group photo with Rev. Dr. Su.

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