Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Investment In Gold

When I was at Jalan Central Branch of Public Bank this afternoon, I was being introduced to Gold Investment Account. This new banking product took me by great interest.

Gold Investment Account is a relatively belated investment instrument in the glittering gold.

When the international gold price moved all the way from US$270 an ounce in 2000 to the present US$900, Malaysia was in a complete vacuum of a direct investment channel in the international gold for investors to tap the superbull run.

Gold price is now on the high side. However, there is still upside potential for keen investors to go in.

Gold as a precious metal is scarce, but the demand for it remains rampant. Global inflation concerns, geo-political tensions, high crude oil prices, depreciation of the greenback...all that and more are compelling big investors to shift from equities and treasury bonds to gold. As a direct result, demand for gold is on an all- time high....practically month by month.

As such, a four-figure gold price looks quite feasible given the tight supply-demand situation in the gold market.

Gold is an excellent hedge against inflation. If you are suffocated by the mounting inflatationary pressure, then you may turn to gold to protect your liquid assets.

But before you jump in the gold market, bear in mind that gold is notoriously volatile in price movements.

Have a good time!


Anonymous said...

Gold has made quite a negative retracement in the last month. It safer to buy when its going up rather than going down:


Tony Hii said...

anonymous, gold retraced in the past month in reaction to the strengthening of the dollar. Track the movements and look out for a good time to buy.

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