Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fu-Goa Peanuts - Great Time, Great Taste!

Crisp and irresistibly delicious, Fu-Goa peanuts are our favourite. These crunchy nuts take us through good times after dinner when I chat with Yian on diverse topics over cracking and crunching them. Sidney never misses to join us.

Cholesteral-free as stated on the cover, this product of Shandong seems to be a health food. However, according to the nutritional facts, the calories are pretty high. As we are sensitive to calory-count, we only pamper ourselves with restraint.

This nice tit-bit plays such a fabulous part in our family life as we crunch through the great times!


Bengbeng said...

i love these nuts too but i restrain myself. becoz if i over indulge i seem to experience some pain at the joints. something i can't quite understand

Tony Hii said...

bengbeng, it is great that you are also a nut lover. As for your pain at the joints, I may try to find out for you.

Bengbeng said...

you mean it could be an allergy? no i am not allergic to nut. the pain is at the feet. below the ankles if i eat too many nuts