Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bursa Malaysia - Heavy Profit-taking Pressure Ahead

The lackluster trading last week is expected to continue with impacts from both internal and external sources. The most noteworthy of all is the unsettled political anxiety which has sent investors to take a caution stand. As such, the trading in the coming week is anticipated to be quiet and to fluctuate within a tight range.

Last week witnessed a big slump in plantation stocks. In the week to come, the commodity price movements are expected to continue to lead the market. Least expected, however, is the likelihood for the stocks to plough back the lost ground. The fund managers are going to be there to take profits on any recovery.

Regionally, the markets are filled with an atmosphere of optimism spurred on by positive news. However, at the domestic front, a wind of caution still rules over Bursa Malaysia. As such, there is an upside limit for gain. In the week ahead, Bursa is very unlikely to get out of the straits.

Internally, our political situation might be subject to upheaval which, presently, is still the prime concern of the investors. The ongoing political challenge to the status of the party leaders and the overwhelming negative remarks by the political parties would scare off the investors.

In the week ahead, trade with caution and watch out for the politically-linked stocks. The worst is far from over. In the months ahead, Bursa Malaysia might dip further in the wake of any worse than expected scenario.

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