Saturday, March 8, 2008

General Election 2008 - A Decisive Polling Day

Amidst an air of tense excitement and a politically strong whirlwind of change, the power of our government is surrendered back to rakyat for them to vote in the next government today.

This is the virtue of democracy which requires every government to go back to rakyat to ask for mandate upon expiration for a new term.

I cast my vote at SMK Methodist which is a polling station for Lanang constituency. The premises were peaceful and quiet with absolutely no campaigning in accordance with the election law when I arrived there for voting this morning.

At 6:45pm, I started receiving news on election results. It was thrilling, sending my family to nerve-racking excitement over the outcome.

At the time of blogging, it is confirmed that, out of the seven seats contested in Chinese-majority areas in Sarawak, DAP has managed to blast off only one rocket to sky.

I just learned that the polling results in West Malaysia have deep implications for Pak Lah and BN.


Anonymous said...

It is very clear that Sarawak is in another space, between Kuala Lumpur and Africa, but closer to Africa. We are always far behind the wave.

Anonymous said...

BN lost Penang!That's the biggest setback.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God ! Why Sarawakians just love gangsters and corrupters to be their representatives ? See if one day God does not punish us all. Ok. Another 5 years for Parliament. Another 2 years for State elections. We shall see what kind of development Barisan Nasional has in mind for Sibu. Probably stagnant now that we have given them the mandate to move all the money to Mukah. See how stupid we all are. We just refuse to learn any lessons. Bravo to Robert Lau and all his rich and powerful friends !

Anonymous said...

BN denied 2/3 majority...Abdullah the son of Badawi's future as premier in jeopardy.He lost his homestate Penang to opposition,this serves as a lesson to BN.

Anonymous said...

I am going to pack my luggages and leave Malaysia right now...martial law should be announced in malaysia anytime from now.ciao

Anonymous said...

I hope BN especially those stupid Malay jackasses learn something from this setback.The people has spoken.

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, rakyat showed the power bestowed upon them by our democratic system on the decisive polling day in West Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

A great hit on "Proud BN" by the oppisitions..this is real democracy. We decide who and what party to lead us. Though nothing much been done but it manage to open those in power eyes wide open and think deeply into the damaged rusty brain and do for the best for the rakyat sincerely and heartly withoput any ill-visions. Abdullah reign potrayed very weak management and leadership compared to Mahathir, a well perfect leader of today Malaysia. As mahathir said, he had choosen a wrong man and he is there for short-term only. Well, Badawi should take it before he fall from the broken branch.

Anonymous said...

Billion of ringgits for Sibu Flood Projects! Imagine, how much these back-to-power elected YB going to reap within the coming 5 years. going to lick your own ass and bear the up going prices of daily neccessities not forgetting the petrol.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous, rakyat showed the power bestowed upon them by our democratic system on the decisive polling day in West Malaysia"

Tony, without meaning to offend, I wonder how much do you really know about "politics" and 'democracy" in sibu? You mean to say that you have been staying in Sibu all these time and never found out that our special brand of politics is known as "money politics"? Without this money politics, you think these RL and TTK would still be here? Our people here are still very much behind our West malaysian brothers, still selling their souls for the next 5 years for a few hundred bucks. Their souls are only worth so much....

Anonymous said...

Tony, the rakyat voted. Some of the rakyat voted for Barisan Nasional. Some of the rakyat voted for the Opposition. Therefore you cannot say all the rakyat voted for Barisan Nasional. The democratic process is such that the majority wins. But it does not mean the minority does not exist.

Don't you think it is a bit strange that while God is with Barisan Nasional here in Sarawak, God is with the Opposition in West Malaysia ? Is not God the same God ?

Yeah, Sibu needs gangster leaders because if nobody wants to pay up, they will show their samurai power to make people pay up. Therefore we need these strong gangster leaders to fight for us; swords, punches, guns, obscene words, lots of money, dirty political tricks.

Ringgit Malaysia 100 per vote. Wow ! Next election, Ringgit Malaysia 150 because of BN. Barang Naik.

So for the time being. Money come. No money, no talk.

Anonymous said...

It was not RM100 per vote but RM150per vote. Hey, all prices have gone up; this must have too.

Li-Jing said...


Anonymous said...

You mean well Tony.This is your blog.You are free to write what you wish.But at the same time,perhaps these people who comment have some valid points too?

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous 1, Sarawakians probably have their own thinking.

Anonymous 2, but that also provides an opportunity for them to ponder over it and work even harder.

Anonymous 3, Sibuians' thinking is respectable.

Anonymous 4, our political climate is changing.

Anonymous 5, stay back and work hard to change Malaysia.

Anonymous 6, we have to continue to let our votes speak.

Anonymous 7, Pak Lah would have a hard time from now onwards.

Anonymous 8 & 9, let's accept the election results.

Anonymous 10, you probably have misread my post.

God has His wonderful planning.

Anonymous 11, I have no comment on that.

li-jing, I beg to point out that my blog does not appear to suggest that the West Malaysians voted with sentiment only.

The 12th GE witnessed them translating sentiment into an emboldened move to vote in the opposition parties to change the climate.

As for a two-front system, you may follow up on my posts.

Anonymous 13, your view is noted.