Sunday, March 9, 2008

General Election 2008 - The Wind Of Change Turned Hurricane

The dramatic swing of votes from ruling to opposition took a lot of political watchers by shocking surprise. I anticipated a dent in BN's overall performance, but a collapse in 5 states and a total denial of 2/3 majority in the parliament was really a meltdown far beyond my expectation.

Days before the voting, I already felt strong winds of change hovering over in West Malaysia. The strongly worded messages sent chill down my spine, making me feel worried that the high emotions might run the risk of getting out of hands. Deep down in my heart, I sensed it: Something was brewing!

But little did I expect an otherwise strong wind would gather momentum to turn into a hurricane, giving a complete shake-up to the Malaysian political scene.

I have to cool my head down and balance my state of mind to sort out my thinking and figure out the whole political turmoil.

What led the voters to jump on BN and give a harsh blow? The first factor that came to my mind was the pinching spiralling prices of daily necessities. The suffocated consumers had no way to turn to except the votes.

Next to follow up was the state of malpractices in Malaysia. Back in 1998 when Malaysia was deep in economic turmoil, IMF offered a rescue package. In return for the package, Malaysia would have to commit to curb the prevalent corruption and nepotism. Tun Dr. Mahathir turned down the offer entirely.

In the past 10 years, our malpractices had gone from bad to worse. Our CPI ( Corruption Perception Index) had dropped fron 34 to 44 in a matter of 8 years' time.

Our electorate in West Malaysia might have taken to votes their extreme frustration with the system.

Finally, the major swing of Malay votes could have reflected the power of Anwar's syndrome.

I had very much underestimated the forcefulness of this factor. I thought Dato' Seri Anwar would not have the charisma to move the Malays away from their steadfast loyalty to UMNO. But the results proved otherwise!

The picture shows Dato' Seri Abdullah in a depressed state last night.


Anonymous said...

I did not expect the unexpected victories of the oppositions in several states. I think the oppsoitions themselves did not expect it either, although they might have dreamed about it. BN, of course, did not expect such a big defeat. I just hope a lot of power will be back to people, including the local council elections in these several states, that will force Sarawak to do it eventually.

坏人 said...

my dear TM had felt the stess now. Step by step, the wind will blow till S'wak soon...
Take the change, grow for it!
btw, mr.Abdullah should resigned as well~

Anonymous said...

You left out the lack of confidence in the judiciary, Bersih and Hindraf. The beating up of the innocent citizens, water cannons filled with chemical laced water, tear gas, truncheons, trampling on law and order, billions wasted on white elephants so the cronies can benefit, statistics pumped up in the official media which have been slanted to make the government look good, squandering of millions to prop up failed crony projects, handout to BN favorites by the billions, the ISA, the racial discrimination, Lingam Gate, Altantuya, even Anwar Ibrahim's jail was based on a trial riddled with holes as to its objectivity and not recognized any where in the world. Look up the trial, read up the trial submissions. There are so many many more.These are the realities which forced the citizens of the country of all races to voice out their grievances. Many of my Malay friends did not vote as a form of protest.This also helped the opposition. The arrogance, the keris wielding and to make the keris wet with Chinese blood and refusing to apologize to the Chinese community because he was not wrong he said. The blatant corruption and almost open corruption involving big sums of money.

There is so much more I can write but what is the point? I think I have said enough to get my point across.

Anonymous said...

BN failed to maintain its superiority in the election. As a Leader of BN, Badawi should step down as BN leader as well as Prime Minister and give way to the successor. Its' ashamed for all Malaysians to still accept him as a leader. As Hussien Onn done before, Badawi should follow his step. Mahathir would have done the same if BN fails. I salute Mahathir comment that Badawi should be responsible and step down. There are many failures during his tenure as the P.M. or UMNO chairman. We see him as a WEAK LEADER, WEAK PM of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Rejang Park vigil in Sibu. Satan won. Jesus Christ lost.

Anonymous said...

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