Friday, March 7, 2008

General Election 2008 - Powerful Electronic Messages

With only one more day to go before we put the fate of the nation to voting, I feel more and more perturbed with the ongoing election campaign nationwide.

I have practically been swamped with electronic messages these few days. Definitely powerful in getting across messages to the electorate, the contesting parties are resorting to innovation and creativity to fight a winning battle.

I gave minute reading to every piece with a cool head and balanced state of mind. Some of the messages are purposeful with good intention, whereas the rest are just sheer poking fun at the ruling parties with cheap substance.

But the messages from West Malaysia truly make me frown at the tense situation there. The voters' sentiments are running pretty wild in certain states and the vibrating emotions might get out of hands.

An e-mailed message this afternoon is most worrisome. The seditious contents of the mail are insensitive to the social structure of our nation and the political realities prevailing here. The writer should have exercised some restrain.

As we go to polling stations tomorrow, let's not take emotions there. We should cast our votes with a clear mind for the next government to come in.

The picture shows an awful scene in KL.

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