Tuesday, March 4, 2008

General Election 2008 - The Chinese Electorate Is Torn

The Chinese electorate is badly torn between SUPP and DAP, particularly in this election.

The Chinese voters' political sentiment is a lot more complex than that of other races. You see, on the one hand, they aspire to have the ruling SUPP to bring to them more developments. On the other hand, they are frustrated to the extreme by the burning issues affecting them. There are easily more than half going to the polling stations with a burst of high emotions. This may sound quite terrific, but the reality is not going to be too far away.

As such, the two parties are running a very tight race to win the Chinese vites, hoping to outmatch the rival to emerge a winner.

Split up and you run the risks of weakening your political power, SUPP tells the Chinese voters vehemently.

Deny their two-third majority and weaken their supremacy, DAP calls on the Chinese.

What on earth are they talking about, some Chinese voters ask me with a puzzled look.

My goodness, it is a long granny's story to tell!

Thje picture shows Tan Sri Dr. George Chan and Mr. Chong Chieng Jen in a dramatic show yesterday at MBKS Building over the mayor post of MBKS. What was supposed to be a solemn signing ceremony of a Letter of Challenge turned out to be a dramatically messy show.


Anonymous said...

Samseng destroyed a ceramah in Kuching. There is a certain name that comes into my mind. Development also can mean development of samseng. Samsengs become more powerful. Now we know that Barisan Nasional is so scared.

Anonymous said...

Chan Hong Nam should have resigned as SUPP president after SUPP's dismal showing in the last state's election.He's talking shit all the time.

Anonymous said...

Chinese for DBKS mayor is only an isu for SUPP to ripe chinese support.

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, our gangsterism is certainly of grave social concern.

Anonymous, but Tan Sri Dr. George Chan has done a good job for Miri.

Anonymous, both SUPP and DAP capitalise on the issue to reap Chinese votes!