Monday, March 3, 2008

General Election 2008- Development For Better

SUPP's "Development For Better" is a very old theme. But it is absolutely relevant and most down-to-earth.

However, in the present circumstances when electorate is entangled with burning issues like land lease and livelihood, the development theme has become much less touching. In other words, promise of development has been far outweighed by the emotional outburst of discontent.

In a matter of less than two months, I have encountered several cases of land-related issues affecting the ordinary folks, the latest being an outright rejection for renewal of land lease. When they almost burst into tears, although I felt for them, I ran so very out of words.

When I shared with them about development in economic sense, dismally they told me from the bottom of their hearts: Development is much less meaningful to us now!

Instantly I turned speechless!


Anonymous said...

Tony, the Sibu Municipal Council or is it the JKR dumped rocks and loose grains and sand on to a part of the lane near my house. They did not tar it. What sort of a development is this ? If there is such an attitude of doing things half-heartedly, then don't do. Spend the money on the rich and famous so that they can get what they wish for. Now it is raining which means that the rocks, grains and sand are all swept away. Sibu can afford to waste !

We all have our basic needs. If we do not know whether we have tomorrow, then we would not be thinking whether we want the highest building in the world, whether we want a park, whether we want to have more modern houses, whether we want to have a residential area that is fully computerised, whether we want to have robots working for us etc. etc. What are some of the basic needs ? A place that is called home and that we will never be forced out. We are borned here. But if the government does not see our birthright as the right to have a place of our own in Malaysia, then we know that one day they can send us off in some boat like the illegal aliens.

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, our constitution is comprehensive and protective to us.